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Business marketing strategies need to be continually improving in the dynamic and fast-moving markets that all businesses operate in these days. Marketing is the foundation of sales success. And, of course, success in sales allows a business to grow.

To improve sales results, to launch a new product or service, to start up a new business, even to maintain good sales results – all of these goals require a strategic and focused marketing approach. Many organizations focus on running the business: building the product or service, operating the company, planning for growth – in other words, focusing on core competencies.

What is often overlooked in the day-to-day operating environment is the need to build a strategic business plan with key performance indicators and measurable actions or the need to build a plan that considers the life cycle of the product or service; that recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the organization and the opportunities and threats of the external environment (including the competition); that builds on operational efficiencies; that develops products and services that are responsive to the market’s needs; and that builds a marketing plan that is dynamic yet focused and that considers the promotional, product, price and distribution programs necessary for success.

Unique Value Proposition

Voice Marketing Inc. offers business and marketing strategies services to enable your business to grow, successfully.

For business owners who don’t have the time, or the knowledge, to build their own business, marketing, and/or operational plans, Voice Marketing Inc. works with you to build strategies, tactics and programs to grow your business.

Unlike other business consultants, Voice business and marketing services offers business-specific depth that comes from the successful leadership of businesses in both the service- and product- industries.

The result for you is highly targeted action plans that are measurable and tightly aligned to your goals.

Kris BovayKris Bovay is the Principal of Voice Marketing Inc. and has experience in leading within large, medium and small businesses; her specialty is learning the client’s business environment and applying the right strategies for the specific business challenges.

We are the knowledge resource for our clients. Our primary services are building, or assistance in the building, of business, marketing and operational plans, strategies and tactics for our clients. We also provide customized coaching, training and development in management and marketing so that you can manage your program yourself. From a single small business marketing idea to a complex multi-divisional business plan strategy, we have the resources to provide you with the most effective solutions for the best outcomes.

For more information on how Voice Marketing Inc. can work with you, contact Kris Bovay at +1-604-802-4425.

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