Business Marketing Consultant

Kris Bovay, MBA
Principal, Voice Marketing Inc.

business marketing consultant,Kris Bovay

Kris Bovay

As the Principal and business marketing consultant with Voice Marketing Inc., Kris Bovay provides business owners with strategic marketing advice and business planning expertise. Clients include a wide range of businesses, from trade and industry associations, to bookkeeping companies, dentists, engineering firms, non-profits, artisans and artists, coaching businesses, online stores, and more.

Kris has more than 25 years of experience working in large, medium and small businesses in senior management roles. Her skills, education and experiences are in advertising, and promotion, corporate and marketing communications, product development, market segmentation and research, product and brand management, customer satisfaction programs, merchant and supply chain relationships, operations and business managements. Kris specializes in building business, operations, and marketing strategies that are strongly integrated.

While Product Manager for a large, multi-national manufacturing company, she was responsible for growth in product sales from $84 million to over $200 million in North America during a ten-year time frame. While Marketing and Sales Manager for a medium size services company, Kris grew sales by more than 35% in three years by developing a highly effective marketing program for the company’s services. Kris has a depth of experience that can be used to develop stronger sales and marketing success for your products or services, and for your business.

Voice Marketing Inc. works with highly capable associates who have specific strengths and skills in areas such as financial analysis, technical resources, lean manufacturing, market research, graphic design, web design, advertising, procurement, and distribution channel management.

We work with clients to develop a strong voice and brand in the markets in which they do business. We develop and/or provide specific outputs such as newsletters, website content development, promotional materials, government affairs initiatives, advertising copy, social media campaigns, strategic marketing campaigns, business plan writing, and communication materials that align with the client’s goals and plans.

In addition to this website, we publish a wide range of related material on our information site,, which is intended to provide additional support to business owners and to those managing businesses. The more-for-small-business site also provides a great resource to numerous educational institutions globally and has been cited in management courses at a number of highly respected international universities and colleges.

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