Marketing through Social Media Campaigns

Marketing through social media channels: Social media campaigns have become a significant marketing tactic for all businesses. Do you need a customized social media campaign or program that is developed specifically for your business? Do you have the time to create and manage the program yourself? Or do you need the support of an experienced marketing content team to develop your program and integrate it with your website, and your other marketing channels?

Why Hire a Social Media Content Specialist?

Many businesses start a program that they cannot sustain because building an online or digital presence takes more time than they have available. Other businesses are overwhelmed by the knowledge required to select the best networks for their products or services, the knowledge required to write content that aligns with the business strategies and objectives, and the knowledge required to effectively measure performance and results.

To reach your targeted audience you need to develop and launch a social media program that connects and engages.  To be effective, social media requires an ongoing and continuous communication program.

Voice Marketing for Content Creation and Curation

We can provide that.

We work as social media specialists or consultants for clients who need four hours a month of content creation time; and for clients who need more than eighty hours a month of time for a specific project or product launch.

We’re comfortable creating conversations online and we’re passionate about developing social relationships that reflect our clients’ brands.

Social media is not the only marketing channel for your business; however creating and sharing content and networking online enables businesses to reach a large audience and build a stronger brand awareness and recognition within your community.  Your social media campaign needs to fit with your website look and feel, your search engine optimization program, and all your other marketing channels and content.  We strongly recommend integrating social media campaigns into your overall marketing plan to ensure that you communicate your unique value consistently and clearly.

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