Website Content Strategy and Development

Website content strategy and development goals need to be focused on delivering effective communications that raises awareness and understanding; and it also needs to engage visitors to the site. Developing content for websites is part art and part science – it involves writing content that tells your story clearly and ensuring that your content is well optimized for search engines. Your content also needs to work well within the site’s look and feel and it needs to ‘fit’ with your business objectives and strategy.

Voice Marketing Inc. provides content development management services; your website content writing; and content rewrite when necessary (to keep the site current and up-to-date). We also work closely with you to develop an ongoing content management strategy to keep your site current and continuously improving. We provide the knowledge and expertise for your website content strategy and development. Contact us for more information.

Results: A Portfolio of Selected Client Websites

MeadowsGateDental.caDoctors Anca and Dan Catona opened a new dental studio in Pitt Meadows, BC and needed their website to build awareness of their services.   Their website had been designed and developed several years previously but it had not received the desired traffic, could not be found on the first three pages of any of the major search engines, and was not designed for responsive devices (e.g. mobile).

Voice Marketing contracted a conversion of the site from one platform to another – one that was simpler for the dental office to manage and update on a regular basis. We also researched keywords, re-wrote all the content on all the pages and added new pages to the site. The site has moved up to page one on major search engines for dentists in Pitt Meadows and is often found in the top three positions on that page.

Binnie.comThis large and reputable civil engineering firm had an underperforming website. As part of the overall brand refresh, the site was redesigned with an updated look and feel.

Voice Marketing was engaged to provide search engine optimized website content and profile all the service capabilities of this multi-disciplinary services organization. Within one month of launch, site traffic and time-on-site has surpassed the previous 12 months of site performance.

Natural-Old-Home-Remedies.comVoice Marketing developed the original site content and was engaged to continue providing new content pages over the past 14 months.

The major search engines rank new, original content well and site traffic continues to grow.

The-Dog-Biscuit.comThis site had a strong content base and Voice Marketing provided a seamless content transition for the new site owner.

Blending good legacy content with new content is like adding new pages or chapters to a book – the pages need to blend well and ‘fit’.

Voice Marketing provided content support for more than two years before the site was sold to another owner who now manages the content internally.

Proactivedentalstudio.comDr. Vaida wanted to re-fresh his website and to improve the site’s search engine results.

After a website content review, Voice Marketing provided new page content, an improved site structure, and revised all of the existing content pages.

Traffic to the website improved by more than 50% and the site moved to page one of search results for dentists in the geographic location.

Speaksoundly.comHighly trained and experienced telecommunications consultant and owner of the Speak Soundly website, Carolyn McKindred, wanted a website as the ‘storefront’ for her new business.

The site needed to reflect a range of unique services that Carolyn is able to provide for her clients and it was developed to provide a strong ‘voice’ for her experience and capabilities.

The content focuses on highly specialized client needs and has provided her business with a strong launching point.